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  1. Thanks for the advice, i will keep it in mind for next videos! however from my opinion footage is good in sync with the music, saturation is unchanged but used color correction and more contrast, that is why some scenes look more dark, which i actualy like hehe In terms of perspectives, to get a fixed position is very hard in this game, because ships are moving left and right, so it was hard to get good shots from back of the ship, or front of the ship etc unless i can somehow fix myself to another ship in camera mode. But thanks for the tips, appreciate it!
  2. Hey guys just finished a new video, this is footage of a port battle where Havoc invited me to film I am sorry that there is no ingame audio, i forgot to set capture device for audio back to system Thanks for Redii for inviting me and giving me this chance and thanks for the performance. It was a bit hard to make this video look legit, because wel.. there were no defenders, so instead the people from the Dutch guilds decided to give a show and succeeded imo. Hopefully next battle better luck and hope you enjoy !
  3. Hey guys! Thank you very much for sharing this, appreciate it alot! 2 days ago i decided to make some test footage to see if i can make cinematic videos in this game since i absolutely love the time period the ships etc.. The next day we had a small skirmish which was indeed a gank However i thought why not take some footage of it (since i was dead in the wind) and put something together, as someone mentioned that the intro looks like the movie master and commander, this is right, the first song is also the song from this movie and since i loved this movie alot i decided to kind of try and base it on that. It is copyrighted yes, but i do not care to much about making money from videos i just love to put things together I am planning on making alot of videos, since i am fairly new to the game i have not yet been in any big battles, however when i do i will make sure to get some footage from that as well. Thanks everyone for the kind words!