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  1. I have quit playing Naval Action, Why? I leave a game for other games, I do come back to them eventually, but i forget all the ins and outs of how to play and what i should be doing. So i like to restart my character fresh so that i may learn again all those little things people take for granted..Yeah so sue me, i'm old :P...anyway I went to restart my character fresh and i'm left with Rank and can't do the tutorials because they've already been done...my question is: Any plans to make it so when a character is deleted that SteamID/character can restart totally fresh?
  2. Actually i was trying to learn mechanics of the game since this is like day 3.. after watching a video of some guy in a cutter taking down a BR110 vessel i was trying the same thing. I just spent the last 4 game days travelling from Charleston to Kidd's Island on the open world map while fishing, with maybe 20% of the 70 people online at the moment. I know good and well an instanced map shouldn't use more resources than that.. As for server resources: I don't know, maybe programming has changed over the years but usually in instanced maps, inherit traits are loaded at the beginning and then pretty much forgotten by the server except for certain server update calls...so now i'm wondering if a longer instance map USES as you imply more resources than Open world tasks, or crafting tasks or any of the numerous other tasks I could have done during that 1.5 hours? Hard limits? why are there Hard limits? There's no hard limits in real life...."Oh i'm sorry Hitler, you can't kill anymore prisoners today. You've reached your limit" REALLY? Maybe step down off that high horse a minute and think about it. Not just the sandbox play, but the realism..I'm all for keeping it as realistic as possible....Only reason I went ahead and bought this game for $40 instead of waiting until it went on sale again for $15...
  3. ARG! What the hell is this bullshit? I just spent the last 1 1/2 doing what i thought was what i wanted to do. Since this is listed as a SANDBOX naval battle/trading game.. Just to get the enemy down to almost where i wanted him crew wise...then i get this message "Battle Over: Press ESC to leave" Seriously!!!!! NO battle in real life has ever ended in that short of time to begin with unless it was a Man-O-war vs. a kayak/canoe or something.....WHY do people claim sandbox and then proceed to put limits?!!! Even in PVP battles where people run away....that's part of the tactic's. Going to put limits on that to? I don't want compensation for the time i wasted, because thats what i was doing anyway...wasting time in a cutter training against much bigger BR ships...JUST FIX THIS....NO LIMITS!!!!
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