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  1. Franz Ferdinand

    Battlesail fighting

    Now whe have a nice discussion, gradual increase or decrease should be the way to go. 1th rate should get a speed buff with battlesails , combat with 2 knots is definatly too slow, dont know if possible. More danger to mast is also good,10% sail force is to much , lets say 1% for 7th to 5th and 2% for 3th 3% for 2th and 4% for first or something like this.
  2. Franz Ferdinand

    Battlesail fighting

    With my limited english i try to explain my idea. Fighting in battlesails could maybe solve hull hugging, just slow down and board the little ship. So we need to be forced to use battlesails, evrything faster then that should be only good for running or chasing. here it comes Battlesails: Sailforce +10% (makes taking a bit easier) Fullsails: turn rate -50% (want to go fast, you have to make wider turn, but fast) heel +15% (danger of getting leaked) broadside canon reload +50% (its harder for the gunners to reload when there is more heel, chasers reload as normal) and maybe broadside canon dispersion +15% (harder to aim when ship heels more, but still possible to shoot sail or shoot leaks) marines should always provide some preparation , they are there for boarding action. I think we should test something like this, maybe lineships should be a little faster then 3,5 kn at 90 degree wind, whenn in battle sails.Dont know how much time it would need to ad this ,maybee some days. please discuss , we want the game to get better.
  3. Franz Ferdinand

    Combat tutorial feedback

    It is possible , other player was albatrosxx. Albatros said they where sailing around jamaica and joined a battle. I was doing 1st tutorial challenge