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  1. Yeah, im sure they are working very hard. And what i mean to, is just to deliver the content what we are talking in Global channel, to the developers, and congratulations on we have been over 800 players online today. O7
  2. 我们需要中文 We need Chinese Nous avons besoin chinois 中国语が必要 우리 중국어 필요 Wir brauchen einen Chinesen Precisamos de chinês Necesitamos chino Нам нужно на китайском языке Við þurfum Kínverska Treba nam Kineski យើងត្រូវការរបស់ចិន Vi har brug for en kinesisk Tarvitsemme kiinalainen Potřebujeme čínský Abbiamo bisogno dei chinesi ( FROM THOUSANDS OF WAITING PLSYERS)
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