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  1. Due to port timers and north America time zones game in current model become senseless, there is nothing u can do , same with rare woods and refits mats , now Russians have exclusive on white oak , carta tar, and copper, and players from America cant do anything about it, Brits will safely grind in zones beyond reach of anyone, so either dev's change cost of port timers to 10 million a day or apply rides , exemple clan buy permit in free town to ride kpr, imidietly they can sail and do pb if they win kpr become neutral for 8 hrs loot whs will appear in town accessible by anyone from winning n
  2. Idea is really simple, every town excluding free towns can be ride and loot, including capitols like kpr , loot would be what town generates from sales tax plus everyone resources from their whs plus clan whs, plus all player ships, its obvious everyone will try to keep ships and resources in free towns but crafting bonuses will not be obtain in free towns , so players will create convoys bringing resources in and out to free towns, more pvp, beside riders which conquer the town must sail out resources and ships they conquer, but they cant destroy anything on a dock whatever is left after
  3. Your current wipe done nothing beside securing Brits and and American shores from rides,because of port timers I cant really atack any port because I'm living in states .so I suggest following changes , la navasse must be neutral also st marys on USA coast, because of different time zones where players live , I suggest permit to ride a town , permit could be bought in any free town , imidietly owner of a permit can do pb , if a team wins , they take all ships and resources from players whs as well as clan whs, also every town will pay ransom depands on size of a town, rided town for 8 hrs beco
  4. Hey Devs ..... during my time with naval action I saw a lot of complains about ganking squads ,well I often fought alone against 3-4 ships which joined a battle ,I spoke to few players they had some ideas ,well nice one was br limit equal, however every game is about a thrill of unknown ,and than a simple solution came to my mind 😉 what victory had stern chasers for ? Eating a breakfast on them?😂 see those heavy stern cannons on most of ships had only 2 purposes , second was to chain chasing ship sails first was most important to destroy enemy bow ? No bow see u on a bottom ,fact of a mat
  5. pipolanoix and other gb player were farming alts at the moment i entered a battle gb player did green on green shooting at me he was sailing his connie ,so that is ok i when such a ppl farm alts and do green on green but it is not ok when i use an alt to farm some pvp? i do it because polish nation do not have many players permits for first rates currently out of reach for poles and u discriminate many pvp players who belong to nations which arent first 3 to get victory mark beside i dont like sir texas comment on me because i was playing with him on global and he was in black clan now he wa
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