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  1. One thing that can be said for sure is you can't please everyone. With that being said it is my understanding that CM can be won in either Patrol or missions but no where else?
  2. The lack of AI is very concerning, in low server pop usually when I can play there is hardly anything to hunt. The rest of this patch seems reasonable except the transport fee of doubloons.
  3. Surely has mentioned this already but unable to log in right now
  4. I will say I like some of these changes. But truth be told I am looking at a ping of 180-220 consistently and while watching a Russian streamer he is getting 39 when will this be addressed? on global I was quite content with 70 to 80 and the game was playable. Now i can't even compete trying to calculate for lag when making cannon shots. And yes guys I know i sucked then so can it
  5. Guedo

    Estate status lost

    Guedo, Tumbado, US PVP, Surprise
  6. Guedo

    Estate status lost

    Not sure why I lost a ship in an outpost in a freeport any ideas?
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