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  1. Thx Rigs ive missed this one. And thx glad to be here.
  2. Thx i didnt know that you can order fleet in combat. thats not anything i found on internet.
  3. @Farrago no i didnt he didnt take the ship in the fleet so i was teleported to Aves bought a new Basic cutter and got that and the trading brig with the goods succesfully to Gustavia and sold everythingg. Thats why i was confused why he jumped me.
  4. Thx alot for this answers all. I learned how to zoom so that was a helpful tool i didnt know about. Now i understand about battle timer so i guess hiding like that is now a lesson learned. I guess i stick around Gustavia for a bit until i can master sailing and tactics better. About the TS i cant wait to join Sweden in the big battles and just sitt and listen on TS. looking forward to it. The russian player showed some skill that is worthy of respect. I just have to learn and be more the tactitian next time. In PvP you loose some and you win some. Its not winning or loosing Its everything before that does it Regards Nenee.
  5. Hy Captains. First i want to say i am not acusing anyone with this post. I just wanted to know what happened to me and my friend in game. Cause i cant get a grip on it. First explanation and then i have some questions i want to learn more about. Me and my friend have just started this game not more than 3 days old are we. So i am fully aware that we are real rookies in this and the person that jumped us is more than likely a way better sailor than we are. Not gonna complan about sailing skills. We was in the town of Ares wanted to go to Gustavia for some profit trading ofcourse. Apperantly some russians know that rookies do this so they was outside waiting for us. Fully understandebale. What we did was set sail so you get outside and used the battle timer to look around to see if it was clear to go. My freind told me they can zoom out 200% and look all over the little island it is. I ofcourse didnt belive him since i cant do it why should they be able to do it. We left the harbour and set course for Sweden. When suddenly a Russ come around the island from the back of it in a suprise. There is no way he could have see us leave the port but apperantly he did. First question: Was he realy able to zoom out 200% to look over the island and there by see us leave. ? And if isnt that a cheat ? Found out he can. and now i can. So it is not acheat. Said and done we pushed the pedal in bottom and sail as a bat out of hell but ofcourse he was faster and came closer. Then my friend saw an NPC boat sailing towards us and he suggested we should go in to battle with him and hide there. Didnt knoiw what he was talking about but who am i to argue in that situation so we did. The plan was to be in there for a while and then come out and run like hell using invurnability. But to my suprise the russ had somehow also got in to the wery same battle. Second question: How did he do that ? Ofcourse he hunted us down and sink us both first he boarded me and then sinked my friend. thise ships can realy make damage he shoot down 24% of my saild with his 2 front guns. chocked me a bit there but i guess thats how good this ships are. When the battle was over we teleported back to ares and to my suprise my fleet trading brig was back and not robbed. Third question: If now this russ knew he wasnt going to get the good stuff. Why bother chasing us then and then spend 30 min sinking us. he didnt get anything but some repair and some rum Is that common sense among older players to do that. ? Fourth question: Dont get me wrong here and dont jump me. Have you guys encountered cheaters in this game is it common like in Tom clancy The division where there are cheaters around every corner. Cause if cheating is common here i dont think i want to continue and spend hours after hours just to be killed with a suprise on my face. And to end up here. I love this game already. What the russ did was ok by me. But i cant get away the sence i have that some tools was used. or he was realy that good in that case he deserves an applaud. Regards Nenee. PS: Sorry for my english.