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  1. This is talking about i was never sent a game code.
  2. ok. I bought this game back in december 2014. i asked for help and i followed the steps i was given. it has been over a week now and i have yet to get a reply. whats going on? i sent the support all the proper stuff but still no help.
  3. ok i did all of that. also i bought the game back in 2014 and never got my code.
  4. i have checked my spam folder and no signs.
  5. Hello, I have Purchased this game back in 2014 before I was deployed. i have the receipt code. and i have emailed support with no answer back. can i get a admins help please?
  6. In the 1580's the spanish Armada Set sail to take over england. The Flagship of the ships armada was a ship known as the "San Martin." The "San Martin." was a 48 gun galleon. and was owned by portugal. I hope that people will stand beside me as i request that this boat be put into the game because if its historical back ground. This site will provide you with some of the detail of the boat. http://www.worldnavalships.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11697. Scroll down to the spanish armada section.
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