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  1. I'm unable to launch the tutorial from build 1. The second mission runs ok, but kind of hard to figure out what to do without the tutorial. During install the c++ installer failed - said I had a newer version on my machine. I'm running on an i9 processor with 6 cores, 16GB RAM and nvidea card with dedicated 4GB RAM. Any ideas on how to get the tutorial mission to play? It just freezes.
  2. There's been some excellent advice for new players posted but much of it centered around the actual game play and fighting each battle. I have some tips to share when it comes to building your army and maintaining it in the camp. In the heat of battle there's a lot going on - especially in those huge maps that come later in the conflict. Knowing who is who, where they are, what skills they have is vital, but nothing disrupts a game like constantly pushing pause to inspect a unit. This is were the features made available in the camp really come to your aid - use them and you will have an e
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