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  1. I know it has been also asked for UG:G but i don't give up to have pairs of flags for units, both star and stripes and regimental flag. Imagine the sons of Erin with the green one or South Carollina rifles with their blue banner In relation to uniformity, Why not different hats for Iron brigade or at least different colors for their top hat? Zouaves could be very easy to display; only red pixelation. And for arty, If you can see different cannons and colours in the barracks , why not see them on the battlefield?
  2. Some cosmetic suggestions which in my humble opinion could improve reality of this game. Display flags and regiment banners. Those great flags on each unit! Different colour and textures for CSA uniforms soldiers. If could be included the red trousers for Zouaves.... Same for horses and arty. Show officers and subordinates in battallions. Maybe at side or in front of each unit. Greetings from Barcelona.
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