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  1. Thanks for the response guys. Very helpful. Glad to see that the devs are planning in pulling in the land masses at some point. Yea, I started just going after the traders and was able to capture a few. Its definitely a more noob friendly approach.
  2. Hi All. Sorry if this is a repost. New to the forum and couldn't find a dedicated search feature, only a quick filter. I was wondering if there was anyway to "drop out of" (for lack of a better term) the accelerated travel in open world other than in battles? As a new player, I'd greatly appreciate the ability to practice manual sailing and maneuvering with the wind in a situation where my ship isn't being shot at. So far I've failed to complete every mission I've accepted in my 40 crew basic cutter and I think at least being able to maneuver properly would help me get over the initial hump of sailing around in an under powered ship. Is it possible to do this? If not, has this been discussed? Do we know if this is going to eventually be worked into the game in some manner? --- P.S. as a side question, I noticed in some of the older youtube videos (that I believe were still after open world launched) that players were conducting their tutorials near land masses and/or islands. But so far, even if the battle mission is located right off the coast, I find the battle takes place in open water without any of the actual coastline near where the battle was located. Has this been discussed at all? Any plans to bring this back? Thanks for the help in advance
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