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  1. After the gank of the French from the Dutch and the Dannish, a Non Agression Pact has been signed to make a cease-fire between the French and the Dutch.

    Two days has been needed to reach such agreement which was signed by Major Clans from both Nations.

    The agreement stands :

    Dutch - French Agreement

    Current borders

    - Bridgetown goes to the french

    - Saint George's stays dutch

    - No PvP near galdonas,

    --Terrain west of galdonas is dutch with all risks involved for the french

    --Terrain east of galdonas is french with all risks involved for the dutch.

    - no PVP versus player traders

    - no mission jumping!

    - Open pvp allowed (except non square-rigged ships [< snow])

    Agreement stands, starting 1st March 2016 !


    Here is some attached files to prove everything.




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  2. Hello, 


    I dont know why you don't have any answer yet.

    I totally agree with you. I explain :

    For now, there is at least 2 server with 2 different playing time (US and EU).

    Assuming that a human body need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep everyday, the capture timer shoudn't be possible between at least 2 or 3 am and 8 or 9 am GMT in the EU server. And a similar timing should be apply on US server.

    Maybe a Dev could see what's happening on server PvP 1 EU  :

    The US nation (mainly play by US people) are taking ports with NO timer (cause we can't for the moment put a timer on a port which was to our nation at the beginning) and they are putting 3am or 4am to 6 am capture timer which correspond to their "awake time" but which is "sleep time" for the others.
    So the Spain nation can't "defend" their territories, the France nation can't defend and in Pirates nation there is some US players so they try to defend (hardly).


    On the rest of the map : wars between Dannish and British are "ok" cause their timers are not during sleep time. It's the same for France against Dutch and for Spain against British.

    The result is , as say Landsmen, the "timer wars". 

    In my point of view, it's a dead-end for the ports war in PvP 1 EU : it will force players from Europe to get up during nights to take ports back and force US players to do the same (USA nation don't have this problem for now cause majority of ports were already owned by an other nation with the impossibility of putting a capture timer, but they will have this problem in the futur !)


    More than "crew moddeling" or "buildings" , developers should focus on that point and come with a solution fast, cause it is really killing the gameplay and the Ports Battles !

  3. To be sure everybody got the real history : 

    1/ We try to speak with US
    2/ We had a 48 hours peace treaty which was respected from both side
    3/ During the 48h, to resum the discussion it was something like : Haha, we want all Louisiana, we will come with 400 players and destroy you. So not really peaceful talks, isn't it ?...

    4/ The port of San Marcos was Spanish and not US at all. (and it's the same for all the west of Florida).


    P.S : it's not a winning post at all. Just don't believe everything write on paper. Unfortunatly, the "fact-checking" was not created yet in 17-18th.

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