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  1. After the gank of the French from the Dutch and the Dannish, a Non Agression Pact has been signed to make a cease-fire between the French and the Dutch. Two days has been needed to reach such agreement which was signed by Major Clans from both Nations. The agreement stands : Dutch - French Agreement Current borders - Bridgetown goes to the french - Saint George's stays dutch - No PvP near galdonas, --Terrain west of galdonas is dutch with all risks involved for the french --Terrain east of galdonas is french with all risks involved for the dutch. - no PVP versus player traders - no
  2. Hello, I dont know why you don't have any answer yet. I totally agree with you. I explain : For now, there is at least 2 server with 2 different playing time (US and EU). Assuming that a human body need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep everyday, the capture timer shoudn't be possible between at least 2 or 3 am and 8 or 9 am GMT in the EU server. And a similar timing should be apply on US server. Maybe a Dev could see what's happening on server PvP 1 EU : The US nation (mainly play by US people) are taking ports with NO timer (cause we can't for the moment put a timer on a port which
  3. To be sure everybody got the real history : 1/ We try to speak with US 2/ We had a 48 hours peace treaty which was respected from both side 3/ During the 48h, to resum the discussion it was something like : Haha, we want all Louisiana, we will come with 400 players and destroy you. So not really peaceful talks, isn't it ?... 4/ The port of San Marcos was Spanish and not US at all. (and it's the same for all the west of Florida). P.S : it's not a winning post at all. Just don't believe everything write on paper. Unfortunatly, the "fact-checking" was not created yet in 17-18th.
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