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  1. This is my perspective on Flibuster's video, I was on the opposite side, with Dekie and crew. I really wish Flibuster had credited the real creator, http://www.twitch.tv/sterdekie
  2. Hey all, I had a great fight yesterday and recorded the whole thing. 30 minute battle with some Russian guys in [FLOT], it was a pretty fun 4v4. Here's it is: Post your videos below!
  3. Well I think it makes sense that you could just run forever and chase forever in ships of equal speeds. I mean, if you are both in ships of equal speeds, you're likely in the same ship, therefore the runner would have a chance of winning a fight against the chaser. I think the distance idea is probably the best one, since with it simply being time, you could be right beside your enemy and then vanish all of a sudden. Not exactly my idea of realism.
  4. You know, I just remembered that I had one situation where I completely demasted a trader ship, and then went to deal with his fleet... Had barely started engaging the fleet by the time the trader ship vanished into nothingness. Just ridiculous.
  5. So, I've been having an issue with this. Some guy came into my mission, I wasn't willing to fight both the bot + his bot fleet and him in a Niagra, so I decided to split them apart by running away for a bit. Eventually when I was about to turn around to start engaging he left. After that while I was sailing home from my mission I saw him again, so I decided to engage him. Unfortunately he wasn't keen on fighting when the odds weren't hugely in his favor, so he ran while telling his bot fleet to attack my sails... I was still able to catch up, but because of the stupid battle timer being only a couple minutes, he got away. I tried again, and he got away again. It's stupid that there isn't a mechanic that makes it impossible to leave if you are within a certain range of your enemy. I think this basically kills the open world pvp in this game since it's nearly impossible to catch up to anyone within the couple minutes you are given to catch up. I guess I'll just grind missions until they do something about this. I like the idea of not being able to leave if you are within 750 meters of your enemy.
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