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  1. More of the issue that they do not want the servers to have separate rules (PVE and PVP) so pve players are stuck dealing with bad rules (for us pve players). Fix is easy IF they have separate rules...but they do not, so not so easy. You need to hit P to screen shot people that do this and then post into the tribunal, and hope that they will do anything to these type players. Kind of doubtful...i posted basically the same situation and nothing gets done.
  2. 1 dura gone, cargo gone, keep ship and upgrades till all dura gone i think is the way it goes.
  3. Umm again that is the idea here. To broaden the appeal and gameplay options for people that do missions. What is the reason again to use the smaller ships for pve people now? Or for builders to build them at better (exceptional/MC) levels? None really. We level our players and grow out of those ships and what? Not everyone that plays this game wants to pvp. You know the PVE server? So allowing more options for every ship size to continue to matter after leveling will be kind of important IMO. Gonna be kind of boring with nothing but frigates and higher running around all the time. Why limit it to that for people that want other options for missions?
  4. Not easy profit:P you would do mission slower most likely. At least i do the bigger the ships the longer it takes me due to the slower maneuvers and all. And the rewards would be set when you got the mission. So who cares if i take a mission that pays 2k and use a snow rather than a higher rank that pays 4k and use a bigger ship? The payout would be the same in the end. If missions pay out tied to the ship rather than player then it is easy to set it so i get smaller pay out on lower rank missions. Higher on higher rank. So what would be the point of taking a lower mission other than i WANT to use that lower level ship? When i could just as well take the higher level in the bigger ship? Kind of a false argument there i believe. Bigger missions bigger payouts in both exp and gold, lower level missions and lower payouts. It is set now that i can take highest level mission bring a friend or 2 and as you say "profit" This idea is to broaden the appeal of both crafting these level ships as well as the players being able to use them as they wish. More options are always better for any game to draw in more people.
  5. Would be nice to have missions be tied to my ship rank i want to use, Not my Player level. I like the speed and maneuverability of the smaller ships. I would prefer to use them to do missions. But that is impossible as it is now, where we have to keep getting bigger and bigger ships to be able to complete missions. Less exp/gold does not bother me. I just would like the option to continue to use the ship types i prefer while playing and doing missions. If the mission difficulty was tied to ship rank instead of player rank, then that would open up both the markets to more player made smaller type ships and a brand new play style as well for everyone. Anyone want to use smaller ships or even those that have difficulty doing higher level missions would no longer have issues. I am rank 5 and in a cerb. I do not have any issues completing missions, i just prefer the speed and maneuverability of snows and below to play with. Or the issue with transferring to other servers, and having to group or just hunt traders till you can afford a bigger ship that will allow people to do missions that are their level. All of the above would be an improvement for me in gameplay. Thanks.
  6. Really you need to read up on what happens on PVE server maybe. Players of my faction can join my OW battles and cause all kinds of grief. That is the definition of PVP (another player causing me issues in a battle) The "fix" to stop PVP people from hiding in missions caused me and many others to be bothered in missions for days by other people...again PVP. And a fix that was applied that was not needed on PVE server by the way. So the "point" of my post was quite clear yes? We need to have separate rules and patches and fixes as needed from the PVP servers. And this is an early access game yes? Where we are talking about what would be good for this game going forward? I kind of think that this applies quite nicely. Making the life and gameplay of PVE players better should be as important as any other customer, right? We paid out cash for the game as well.
  7. What is with the hostility here? And the made up demand for goodies? I never requested anything except rules made for PVE. There is no need to screw up pve servers and players adjusting things that are only happening on PVP servers. This one rule set for them all is not good for both PVP and PVE. Never has been in any game and will not be here. Do the mission rewards still need to be tweaked? Hell yes. That is for everyone. Really is simple. If you sell a game as PVE then let it be a PVE game and not a second class server of people that get treated like they do not matter or are not paying customers as well. Wanting to be treated like a PVE customer... oh ya if that is asking for too much then let a dev come here and say so. If that is to be the way of things, best to let people that want a pve game know up front yes?
  8. Acting like the rules they apply to make PVP server and players game work better do not have adverse effects on PVE does not make that true. The change to the way people could join missions because pvpers were hiding? Remember that? Not being hostile here...i am simply pointing out that trying to make the pvp rules and balance work for PVE servers and players is a losing battle...for the PVE players. Every change that needs to be done for PVP does not need to be applied to PVE server. This is the issue. A small thing like the above changing missions for PVP was a disaster for a lot of PVE players. Less work in the long run if they do not mess up PVE servers and players by trying to make the same rules apply to all servers.
  9. Because they sell the game to people as PVE? LIke i said...warn people if that is the way it is.
  10. As title. This trying to work both pvp and pve into same rule sets and mission rewards if not working very well IMO. We have missions on PVE server. That is about it. Trading will be reworked so no need to discuss that right now. All other options for PVP players to do things and make cash are not open to us. Trying to balance the needs of PVE and PVP on same rules and mission rewards is a losing battle for the PVE server people. If you want to keep things going this way then you really need to warn PVE players that their game is going to take a back seat to PVP servers and their players. Not very fair selling this as a PVE game when it is not. Just having a server called PVE does not make the rules made for pvp work well in a PVE game.
  11. For people on PVE server...what is this "other" way to make money? Breaking down any ships we get to try crafting...so no gold for selling ships. Trader ships ditto make a small amount on stuff not needed for crafting. Trade is a mess until they get around to reworking it. Getting a bit old that we are treated to the same rules as PVP servers.
  12. Thank you that works for out of game so i am good. Still think it would be nice to see this info in shops as well if they get time though. Also...how do you read those armor figures? It appears something like bow left stern right? If so why are the sides different values? Or are they the value differences between wood types maybe? Or speed vs armor in base shop values?
  13. As title. I always want to see what the l/r armors and turning, sails strength, crew size so on, on ships in shops, on wiki or ANYWHERE...but can only after i buy it:P Trying to decide on ships as we advance in rank can be troublesome without this info. It shows just fine AFTER we buy a ship...why can we not see it before? Comparing my snow to a cerb for example..i have to buy one of each to see the info then turn around and sell them back to shop. I know these change with the addons, build types, and such...but still the game generates them where you can see them in the port, but not before buying at shop. Just would be nice to have this info before purchase as well. Thanks.
  14. That is why i am here...to get a real set of rules. Why have a PVE server if we have these PVP situations all the time anyhow, along with us having no clue how to deal with them? Really kind of negates the PVE doesn't it? If i have had many real people come into my trader fights and take ship. That is the description of PVP is it not? Player -vs-Player? Let's get this settled one way or the other please. If we really are PVP on all servers then just say so. If we are PVE then give me some rules, or fix this in mechanics, so i know when and why and how to handle these things. They are happening EVERY day. Just in these few post replies...i have been told do not stop boarding but then can lose my good ship if i claim other trader...really need the devs to make this clear for us what the heck are we to do?
  15. Not for me i have won boarding and still lost ships to others, at least that is what i remember.. Why i am asking here for clarification. too much of this going on. This is not the first time, nor second,third,fourth...you get the idea. What are the rules here and how can we deal with these situations?
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