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    I understand that, and I like the fact that there are these kind of differences between ships. If the Snow is exactly as it should be for its class that is ok. I was just wondering if it was just buffed or not. I am literally a bad player, I usually screw up with aim and manual sail, hence with Brig and Navy Brig I had awful games where I was just a sitting duck to be shot at. But with the Snow I managed to deliver more damage, control the battle (mostly) and I was a bit concerned. But, if you say that a Brig can tear down to pieces a Snow without sinking, I belive you.
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    I have finally reached the Snow, and boy it is powerful. Maybe too much. Against light ships it wrecks havoc, dashes a lot of damage, seems to have a way better accuracy than other ships. Problem is that 6 lbs seems to dash way more damage than the ones on the NavyBrig for example, but that might be due to my poor aiming. What gives me some doubts, is that I've made a couple of game now, where a Snow can dashes two Navy Brigs and kill them both surviving with its fleet. Just click survival, repair the damage inflicted and stay afloat while doubling damage to the other ships. I honestly don't know what the Snow should be, I am no naval expert, especially for the age of sail, but it's a bit of a behemoth. It seems to be a perfect "light" ship. Fast, good turn rate, dashes damage and delivers a really good punch. There is nothing wrong in this, but I am silly and I feel sorry when I find myself the only Snow in the game.
  3. Thank you Jack!
  4. Well I am new to the beta. I like the idea of loosing the ship, but I hope it's only a temporary thing of X battles before reacquire it. Since I am totally a rookie about naval warfare in the age of sail, it's difficult form e ot understand how a ship works and to use it adequately. But I like the idea!
  5. Hello all, first post. I just had a game where, after an intense battle between my NavyBrig and another ship of the same type, we had a collision. I intentionally rammed him, as a last effort to provoke damage and sink him. Problem is that I didn't think to survive since my ship was battered and damaged while his had almost full frontal armor. Now, how does RAM mechanics work ? Since we both had the same ship, and he had more armor than me, shouldn't he survive the crash and I sink ? Why did this happen ? Thank you in advance,
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