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May 13th, 1810

Sir Sebastian Pendragon


May 13th, 1810

NNW of Christiansted, HM Frigate Arethusa, Enemy spotted NNE, enemy is declared a Danish Frigate of 40 guns, Cpt. Sir Sebastian Pendragon gave orders to put the helm down and beat to quarters bringing the Arethusa into action and maneuvered the Arethusa into a long range duel with the Arethusa's longer and heavier guns starting to overtake the enemy, who within tacked and tried to rake the Arethusa which was prevented by the fast thinking of her Captain who put her helm down and turned just before the enemy fired causing most the the enemies shot to fly by causing no damage. The Arethusa was than brought about and reengaged the enemy at closer range finally causing the enemy to surrender and founder. The enemy was taken off and the Arethusa set course back into port to unload prisoners and repair.


Sir Sebastian Pendragon, KB

Captain of HM Frigate Arethusa, RN






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