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8 minutes ago, jodgi said:

What is that?

You can find information on hackmud at http://store.steampowered.com/app/469920/hackmud/ and https://www.hackmud.com/.

skully.bladerunner was the defacto payment provider for any service (read bank or gambling operation) in the hackmud world. It was based on a real life concept/company in which payments are done by a third party within 24 hours on you behalf, while you pay that party 100% plus some extra cost within 60 days. Basically you lend money for 60 days.

Given that skully.bladerunner was a MIDSEC (read: full access to funds and financial history of a virtual account) being used by Zero-Day-Corp, the largest bank within hackmud, we controlled the whole economy. (Until things got "patched". :lol:)

skully.finance was the financial market tool for stock brokers. I managed to convince the hackmud community that stock was a valid security.

It was a followup on bladerunner to bypass the patch and once again brought us control of the economy.

In later patches they made "invincible" accounts, like myself, be subject to random hacks, so the game killed itself. https://hackmud.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/222394608/comments/226582408


Basically I got nightflipped :lol:, but with the difference that I lost it all. -_-

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