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Three Battles

Grim DeGrim



I fought Mr. Doran 3 times this weekend. All in Trincomales.

Battle #1:

Loss. I gave up wind immediately. Was stern raked. Battle essentially went like this....I'd rake nose, he'd rake stern. The crew loss differential was pronounced... Mr Doran was very effective. No repairs used by Mr.D.

Battle #2:

Loss. I did better in the start. Took wind, and for maybe 3 passes, kept it. However, his counter maneuvers ensured I did not take stern. We essentially went broadside to broadside. However, I lost wind and was raked. Crew loss....repeat of battle #1. Doran used 1 rep.

Battle #3:

Loss. He wanted to something new. tbh...I don't think I ever had wind. Horrible fight. He used his nose cannons (x4 cannonade) very effectively to rake my crew (we were running bow to stern, and I did not make a turn). He did not use any repairs.

*Footnote: I am aware of the guide. I need to dedicate additional time to it... in short, I am still struggling with the language, despite the excellent glossary provided - which is by no means a discredit to either of Mr. Doran or Mr. Balck.



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