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Friday, 4th of March




Ship: Renommee - Area: La Tortue


00:51 - Engagement - Engaged the Pirate named "Auyan" in his Cerberus. He stroke his colors. His ship was captured.
01:10 - Engagement - Was attacked by a group of 5 Pirates including a 3rd rate and 2 Trincomalee. Was not able to outrun them. Brought up the fight to sink my vessel.
01:44 - Engagement - The skilled Pirate called [RUBLI] Black Jack was sunk with his trader snow.
03:10 - Engagement - Engaged the Surprise of the Pirate Blackjack Morgan. Even he used some odd tactics he got sunk at the end.
04:07 - Engagement - Engaged and captured a Brig from an unknown Pirate.
04:10 - Docking - Docked at La Tortue,



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