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Day 1 - A New World

Arnaud Arpes


Captain's Log - Day 1 - In Fort Royal, Martinique


Sailing from Fort Royal on the 12 gun cutter L'Albatros, we spotted a battle not far out of the harbor. Joining battle, we found 6 of our comrades in cutters battling against a British Trader Brig, Brig, and a Cutter. Other comrades joined shortly after to assist.


Sighting the Trader's Brig attempting to escape the battle, we gave chase. Another of our comrades drew his cutter alongside the Trader's Brig, but he moved to close and the Trader pulled him alongside her. The Trader's Brig killed many of his crew in boarding action while we watched helplessly from afar. Luckily, our comrade disengaged before he could be taken. As the Trader made to continue his escape, we came alongside and maintained distance while tearing thier rigging apart. We then blasted her hull with shot, and finally boarded her. By the time we finished off the last of the Trader crew, our comrades were nearing after successfully sinking the other two British ships. Unfortunately, the Trader Brig sank before we could fully capture her.


After the battle we sailed south towards Marin, and laid anchor near the harbor.

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