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Strange disconnects in Battle Possible exploit

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I was in a 4 on 4 fight with Shrouded Recluse, Greasy, Mark  something or other, and Dracul.

Every time the fight went against them, one of us disconnected and they rushed in and boarded that guy.  John Loring was the first to fall, he disconnected as he was sailing back towards me, full health minutes into the battle. We had the upper hand at that point as well.    Next they got our Renomee (Pgotti) that was legitimate as far as I could tell he made a bad move. then Tigertex and I fought to the 19 minute mark, where we both suffered a disconnect as all pirates were severely beaten down and we were full health/Crew etc.  I have a screen shot of that disconnect.  Tigertex logs in out of battle, and I am still in battle, boarded by one of the pirates.  They claimed to have disconnected as well, however the only times their sails went down, their ships were still shooting at us.  I would like a full investigation and I would like our ships returned.  Mine was a Teak/White Oak Agamemnon, fully modded, with Gazelle, Bridgetown frame refit and Almeria Gunpowder.  These guys had no chance of beating Tigertex and I (Tiger in a connie and me in an Agamemnon, with 3 of 4 of their ships near sinking and us full health at 19 minutes. This was extremely fishy and not the first time I have seen strange things happen in combat with these guys. I am also opening a tribunal complaint. 



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