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  1. the changes to the game have made it difficult to enjoy if your new and trying to find your feet. countless ai battles in cutter witch are boaring only to buy your first ship to then find you cant afford cannons repairs or rig reps.the only advice you get is join a clan, well i dont want to i like playing games solo

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  2. game to hard for noobs i just spent eight frustrating hrs going backwards loosing money and ships now have to start from scratch with crap boats and boring grinding for weeks some of us dont have the time to invest i understand the grind on a free to play game but i paid for this

  3. hi i'm new and have messed up several times. first i

    didn't have fleet perk so then had to grind

    for hrs to reset. next got excited bought so many ships in the test server i didn't leave enough money for cannons and the list goes on.im persistent  but a mate of mine has already given up and uninstalled game. some sort of warning  in port before putting perks  would be good or one telling you you dont have enough money to arm your ship before you buy the ship.i love this game already but feel the learning curve could be to much for a lot of players

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