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  1. It could be very interesting and historically accurate that the countries with less ports would get a 20% or 10% bonus to their resources productions.


    Despite of unequal distribution of resources the access to ship building resources was warranted by the colonies in Europe so it could help balance the fights a little bit more for certain countries that are running out of ports. 

  2. Knowing what´s happening in the EU pvp server regarding the ports, 


    lots and lots of people from different time zones are playing in a EU time base server, they conquer the ports with relative ease and given the timings are quite hard to regain. I see 2 possibilities that would ease the sovereignty changes once a place has been captured



    1st Rotating windows: you conquer a port, you set your time and you start with that window of conquest, it remains with it for 5/6 days after that it moves 1 hour clockwise or counterclockwise each 2 days so at some point you can actually take it back


    2nd Buy windows: the window is set but adding 5000 gold to the flag in shallow and 10000 in deep ports you can move the window 1 hour, that means x ex  that you have a shallow port that you want to conquest, the flag cost 80k gold and is set to 6am and you want to conquer it at 6pm, that´s 12 hours * 5000 making a total of 140k gold expense. This one is also helping the server to get some gold back and help controlling inflation of the currency.   

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