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  1. Still recruiting folks we now have 25 peeps in the group and are growing everyday, if you want to join a group that is isn't going to view you as just a number then give us a shout
  2. Hey Mogatu, Yes we are still recruiting folks!, we have 17 people currently and we are still looking to grow
  3. Not quite there yet buddy, were at 14, that's like 8 in 2 days which is great Still recruiting folks, as I say check out my twitch if you want to see what we're like!
  4. Regiment of the Grenadier Guards [RGG] Intro: Hey folks Dale here, [RGG] has been going for a good while now (since 2005) and we are a group built on friendship and the love of good PvP, we have been in a variety of games such as Project Reality, Arma (1 through to 3) and other gems of the past such as COD 4. We have also been a massive advocate for simulation games, and due to our nature we just couldn't say no to Naval Action. Our Ethos: We are looking for a relatively small group of people to come join us, we aren't trying to build a massive group chock with 250 people, to us you aren't a number but someone who will form a close nit group who will help each other to grind missions, craft ships and roam together for PvP. Generally speaking we will be on every night as a group, and you will see us playing as a group. Some Links: So if you are interested you can either respond to this thread, or you can check out our group by coming to teamspeak and catching us there, or by checking out my stream on Twitch which will give you a pretty good idea of what we're like. TS IP: Password: pk4life Stream Link: twitch.tv/rggdale What Rank: We aren't too worried about what rank you are to join the group, we are happy to help you grind the levels up, however bear in mind that we are mostly Master and Commander and Lieutenant Commander ranks which means we will likely be doing harder missions etc. This doesn't mean you can't join us as a lower level, it just means you will have a different role when going into PvP if you are in lets say a Basic Cutter. Overall: So we are looking forwards to seeing you folks, if you are interested in joining something you will have to think about is our time zone as the majority of us are from the EU (mainly UK). Dale
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