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  1. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    I tried asking and usually people seem to busy doing their own things. I don't blame them. Is it possible for 2 players to join a normal combat order or do you have to take a fleet combat order for coop?
  2. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    I'll do my best; I suppose I have no other choice.
  3. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    And here's another screenshot, this time of the stats of my ship. Are all the stats okay or did I buy something really bad?
  4. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    This is as far as I can get in these sort of battles before I have to turn tail and run.
  5. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    I just exited the game after losing two battles. I really see no point in me being pitted against a surprise in a cerberus. He is a better ship in every way and no matter how well I manouvre he just has more firepower and more protection and he will prevail in a prolonged fight. And to top it off, you get no money whatsoever for a battle where you scored 200 hits and badly damaged two vessels before being forced to retreat. You do however have to pay for the damage you'd sustained. Edit 2: I forgot to mention that I often get to fight a frigate as well. And there is no way that's reasonably possible to complete for an average player.
  6. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    Yes, that would be ideal. As of now, I have to exit half of the missions I enter due to rng deciding I'll face up against a much more powerful opponent. Honestly, the AI is so God-like that I can't really win most missions, and trial and error isn't an option as losing my cerberus costs too much money. While I do appreciate all the tips I really still am facing the same issue as before. I can't craft a better ship, I can't win against a better AI.
  7. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    Honestly, I'm glad that it's just my incompetence that's preventing me from completing the mission. Thank you all for the answers. On another note, does anyone else think that battles end way too fast? A couple of salvoes is enough to destroy a ship's side. Shouldn't these things take way way longer Also, someone mentioned something about ships made of fir. I'm not familiar with that, I just buy what's available. How important is this information when it comes to me being able to win a battle?
  8. Can't advance in the Cerberus

    Bonjour I recently grinded my way up to the rank that allows me to crew 200 people, and instantly bough myself a Cerberus, armed and crewed it, and sailed out. I took my first mission, the easiest one I can acquire for a rank 5 vessel and when I sailed out and entered the combat order I noticed I was up against a Renommee. I engaged it, thinking that since this mission was the easiest available it oughtn't be too difficult. We exchanged volleys and I began to notice that there was no way I could defeat a ship so much more powerful than me so I ran away, not willing to lose my newly acquired vessel. I thought this must have been just bad luck so I took another mission and the same thing happened again. I then tried one of the fleet combat orders, supposing it would pitch me and a few AIs against a fleet of AIs, thinking that would be an easier thing to accomplish. Yet to my surprise, when I entered the combat order on the open sea, I found myself alone against a large fleet of other Cerberuses, Renommees and Frigates, and nobody on my side. I immediately ran away. So my question is, how the hell am I supposed to gain xp and money in the Cerberus when all missions available to me are impossible. And why is it that I always have to fight against a more powerful ship, with an AI that never seems to miss their shots, and that manouvres like a god (perhaps I should also mention that the Renommee captains I was fighting had the "devil" rank)? What am I doing wrong and why has the game suddenly become so impossibly unfair? What can I do aside from "joining a clan" to advance? Regards Tim