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    PB Ganking

    I am complaining about screening in much larger ships that are not able to enter the PB. The whole point of it is if both sides can fill a PB before the battle its going to be a much better battle. Screening is a valid tactic where the ships used can enter the PB. The gankers just use bigger ships to make it easy for them, i have been done over several times by these cowards who are too weak to fight in the same class of ship. Simple fix, just let those who create hostility enter the PB direct, its not rocket science, if they want to fight well sail there and enter the pb against you.
  2. Long John Saliva

    PB Ganking

    Well Ill be straightforward. After spending hours doing the hostility for a PB you then have to sail to the OB. If you do the hostility for the PB you should get automatic entry. Only those who haven't participated should have to sail. As usual the carebears alliance was sailing in WASA's for a shallow PB on global. All they see is a cheap kill.
  3. Long John Saliva

    Character Name Change

    Given our accounts are no longer tied to Steam as far as xp etc is it possible to use forged papers or is a cvharacter restart required? Just want to take a H out of my name. Or is it simple not worth the hassle?
  4. Long John Saliva

    Your day in NA

    Log in, Craft wood, sell wood making a paltry 20 a time which is time wasting in itself, quick sail then log out. No time for hours in end anymore sailing to make some gold.
  5. Long John Saliva

    War Supplied from 0 to 100

    I though Port battle were supposed to be between enemy's or is that a double cross kept in the mechanic? Whats the point of voting then ?