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    Questions to developers

    Hello, I'm quite the naval enthusiast and seeing your game Naval Action just lifted my spirits. The only thing close to this game I could ever play were the Assassins Creed's Black Flag & Rouge. In my spare time I paint and draw ships, my father makes ships in bottles as well in his spare time. I live near the sea on the west coast, the last coastline in Europe before America. So there's a good dedication towards the naval scene in our family. My question is, as I'm Irish myself. Do you think the Irish flag [Tricolour] would be implemented into the game, it was first flown in 1848 or The Green harp flag, first used by Owen Roe O'Neill in 1642. Since I hope you don't doubt the fact the the Irish have had a major influence on the seas during this period, whether it be in music, famous pirates, explorers, mercenary's and at one point contributing to half of the British army's size. I feel like it would be odd not to have the Irish represented in the game, since there's so much Irish navel history, I know we weren't an established country at this time. But there were those who had flown their own versions of an Irish flag symbolizing Independence or their own nationality and heritage. So I just wanted to know would ye ever consider this as an idea or have ye already thought about it. Thanks for reading. Ben O'Reilly