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Rattlesnake should have a snake figurehead. "Join or Die", "Dont tread on me" kind of figurehead.

The figure on the wooden model is just an artist's creative view on the subject.

And yes. its a proper - right - "rattlesnake" ship.



testing cannon size suitability on the model.


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French 2nd rate is nice. :) In the distance you can see pirate ---> XebcWeb.jpg


oooh nice a xebec


very cool all those artwork/concept arts :) keep up the nice and good work :)


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Thanks, dude. :)


She's a nice-looking ship. Is she an historical design, or she just a generic frigate? Either way, I'm impressed. It looks like we're going to have some really nice frigates in this game.


You're welcome :)
I think generic, at least the name is. But wonder what it's based on. Couldn't find any info on forum.

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