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11 hours ago, erelkivtuadrater said:

Creating natural battle channels would be great, see battle of copenhagen as example. The narrow channel at cartagena also almost creates this picture, being cought out there and you're destined to beach if you have bad wind


"Parker gave Nelson the twelve ships-of-the-line with the shallowest drafts, and all the smaller ships in the fleet.[citation needed] Parker himself stayed to the north-east of the battle with the heavier ships – whose deeper drafts did not allow them to safely enter the channel – screening Nelson from possible external interference and moving towards Copenhagen to engage the northern defences.[note 1] Nelson transferred his command from the large 98-gun HMS St George to the shallower 74-gun HMS Elephant for this reason. "



Exactly this is my intention. Port battles shall not be L'Oceans only, even if PB-BR is high. The reals draft of the ships together with the water depth in ports should be a strategic option.

Same in OW. Small ships with shallow drafts should be able to escape to shallow waters in battle instance.

In our current system frigates, except the Trinc, are a rare sight in OW. But with a shallow draft even 12lbs frigates would be useful again. There would be places in the Bahamas, where no frigate could go to, maybe even 2 or 3 port that can be only entered in 7th rates.

@admin do you think it might be possible to implement the water depth in game? As a goal for this year?



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12 hours ago, Capitan Salazar said:

Well done but I have a problem, I can't I find the blueprint, sir! 

Cap Salazar

Work in progress :)

just a little patience,  sir!

at least the pixels exists \o/ >>  blueprints are over here (have fun)

Wreker klasse

Wreker  klasse (dutch) ( diepgang voor ondieptes )

Avenger Class (Englisch) (  shallow draught line ship)


sidenote: The new 90-gun version had an improved armament. Besides the 12-pounder cannons, a series of 36-pounder carronades would be added along the gangways.

Excluding the added Carronades the ships' broadside weight was a respectable 1156 british pound (converted from dutch pd). Adding 9 Carronades the broadside weight is boosted by 352 (brit) pound resulting in a total of 1509 brit pound

it seems we are getting the first  version 15/15/9 with the  ± 1156/1509  british pound broadside loadout where the 12 pounders* can be replaced by carronades* (assume*)

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On 2/4/2020 at 7:37 AM, Smoothie said:

When can we see this kind of towns in game? It looks amazing compared to what we have now.

more specialized scenery would be great. regions like the US coast look too...tropical farther north 

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HMS Victory had 3 original figureheads. 2 of them are in various museums (replicas) one of them is only in the book form. 

We chose the museum ones. Here is work in progress for HMS Victory 1765 Figurehead


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11 hours ago, admin said:

Prussian town work in progress


beautiful town
hope we can have Chinese style port in future (although it is only little chance Chinese nation will have they own port in game)

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1 hour ago, Sir John said:

Will we see a more authentic color for this Victory?  Contrary to popular belief, Victory was not painted with "yellow ochre."  I'm not sure what she would have looked like in 1778 (when she was launched), but the famous 2013 study by Peter Goodwin that challenged her traditional Trafalgar appearance and the scientific tests which followed confirmed that Victory was painted with "bands of graphite grey and in a colour that ranged from a creamy-orange to almost salmon pink" on the day of the battle.  (http://hms-victory.com/restoration-log/hms-victory-repainted-battle-trafalgar-colours)

Here's an artist's depiction from 1779, which shows Victory to have been payed with a yellow-brown paint above the wales 



Back in 2015... 🙂

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