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BUG: being moved across the map between logins

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Yesterday was logged into the EU mirror server as normal. Was operating on western side of map as normal. Logged off. Logged in again a bit later and am on the eastern edge of the map! F11 for this. Teleported to Port Royal, logged off.


Then logged in again for first time today. No longer at Port Royal, now at Guarnica on eastern side of map. F11 again. Same server.


Does this mean every time I log out I could reappear anywhere on the map??


Pretty game breaking!!!


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I was trapped in a free town in the bahamas, crown haven, surrounded by US players and when I clicked sail again I magically teleported outside the Dutch capital.


I play as a pirate though, so the Dutch weren't all that happy to see me either.


I didn't even log in or out, I just clicked 'Sail' from the port menu interface and it put me somewhere else.

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