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Unique server names to drive community meta!

Would you like to see unique server names rather than "PVP1", " PVP2", and etc?  

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  1. 1. Would you rather see unique server names instead of simply "PVP 2", " PVE 1", etc?

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Hey all,

I feel like the community would really benefit by having a name by which to call their respective server rather than just PVP1, 2, and etc.

I feel that by using these current names, it breaks what would otherwise be an exciting, traditional MMO feel - near all of the most past and present successful MMOs don't name their servers by just 1, 2, 3, etc, but by something related to the game (either by lore, in-game terms, or etc).

For example, naming the EU PVP server "Windjammer" or something like that, while naming the NA PVP server "Spinnaker". Or any other of the endless, cool sounding nautical and sailing terms there are out there.

What does everyone else think? And thank you for reading!

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Yes, it may add a nice touch, however there definitely should be telling you what the server is when you hover over the server, otherwise how would new people know what server they're joining? Just telling you what type of server it is when you hover over it would be fine I think. Good suggestion, support.

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