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Call all patriots!

Seeking able body sailors to defend the colonies of the United States of America.

We are adult gaming community with a strong history of success in many games including Arma 3, Eve Online and Battleground Europe.

We are mostly comprised of gamers aged 21 - 35, with many U.S. Veterans and predominantly play during a US evening time.

For information please contact either myself or one of our executive officers via forums or in game.

Edited by John Adams (Skyboxii)
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It's in the title - PvP1-EU :)


excellent, that's the one i've joined. sorry i didn't even notice the title.
the US servers were down when i started the game, and i know they are a bit under populated so i thought i'd join the EU one, good deal..



True Bostonians are Rebels and Pirates!!...YARR!

i lived outside boston for a few years, now i'm more landlocked, i do have a river in the backyard though! YAR! Edited by Seasick Jack

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