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Farquharson, largest, most well armed and very fast merchant ship 3D model

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This is the Farquharson Regular ship of the Honorable East India Company, the largest merchant ship in the world during the period in which naval action is set.   1400 tons armed with 56 18lb cannon

True, but I am trying to compare her to other merchant ships, not warships.   I mean, I like the ship, but I am just trying to figure out what her role would be in comparison to a standard East Indi

I personally would rather have months go into stress testing these ships to ensure that they're as perfect as they can be for such a high-detail game than a large quantity of mass produced ships that

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ahhhhhh yes sorry Mr Mirones! Yes Farquharson and Glatton were both" regular ships", the only difference being that Farquharson is larger with slightly more guns. Simple answer would be to put it in game as "regular ship" and allow you to fit her with an all carronade armament like the glatton, since several "regular ships" were bought from "the east india company " by the royal navy

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