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Crimson Flotilla Recruiting (Pirate Clan - US PVP 2 North America)

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Crimson Flotilla: is a new Pirate Clan recruiting for the US PVP Two server. 


Background: We are a close group of players who are former POTBS and Eve players. Well experienced in group tactics etc...


How many members do we already have? We have an active community of 50+ members and growing by the day.


What we offer: Group PVP - Leveling Help/tips - Trade help - Nation vs Nation port capture (UPDATE: We have captured 10+ ports in the eastern region...countless pvp action) - Teamspeak community


What are we looking for? We want players willing to learn and work with the group - we are always in teamspeak doing some type of group activity between missions, trading, small battles, etc...


Where are we located? Well, we are on the east end of the map and we choose to be one of the main groups on this side of the map. 


Another clan or nation interested in an alliance or agreement? Message Twobeardz in game or on the forums and we can discuss. We are currently looking to expand our ranks in the area - as well as establish agreements that benefit PVP in the region.


Looking to Join the clan? reply to this post or message one of the following individuals in game:




Hull D0ken



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hey - on a break from eve, looking for small gang pvp. i'll roll on over to your server and hit you up.

Would love to have you, I'll be online around 9:30 EST tonight - you can message one of the other guys mentioned in the post if you would like as well they will most likely be on earlier

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Hey, I'm Privateer (in game), and I'm looking to be neutral with [CF] clan, allies with [CF] clan, or join [CF] clan. I'm level Raider soon to be Ravager. This would be for mutual benefit as I would stop getting shot by "friendly" fire and [CF] clan members would stop getting negative xp for shooting me with "friendly" fire.  As to the distasteful rumor that I attacked a [CF] clan member. I am sorry if I did truly attack a [CF] clan member however I make a point not to attack fellow Pirates unless they first attack me. 


Again, that attack on BroadSides (my RL brother) was totally unprovoked. He ran away from you and you even re-engaged. At that point, other members of the clan were around and joined the battle to save him and sank you. Ever since then, each CF member that sees you tries to sink you because we can only assume you are spy/troll from another nation looking to grief our members.

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