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Perhaps there could be areas where storm frequency is greater (or lesser).

Storm Areas

But storms that can damage/sink a vessel need an instance. Speedboating through very large waves would not improve the game.




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I would like to get into storms like I get into combat situations if I run into them.

I want to sail through the storm with high waves and want to have to do it good to get my ship out there without or with less damage!


Richard Whitby

Recruiting Officer


Had great fun back in trials. The gale was tremendous and if the damage to rig was modelled... oh my... having to endure a storm instance would be somewhat interesting nowadays. Could even give XP.

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Have it so, if you stop in storm you take little to no damage wheras if you move you recieve damage to sails/hull + crew. Just a trickling loss to about 10% to avoid shiploss 

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I was in an excellent (I mean very nasty) storm last night.  Sailing in a narrow channel with less visibility than I've seen before.  Fog, pelting rain, heavy seas, sounds -- I got a chill in my easy chair.   If someone had hit me with water, I might not have even noticed.   In fact, I thought the wave were unrealistically steep for the narrow waterway -- open sea waves.   

Most excellent (I mean terrible) weather!    The storms are out there.


Damage from storms is one factor that would make the OW more strategic and tactical and less like going shopping. 

I would like to see bad weather as an accelerator of gradual wear and tear. I think some map areas could be known for bad weather, affecting the flow of commerce and ones ability to hold the area for long periods of time.

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I had a cool storm yesterday, a few over the weekend actually.  They already reduce speed to half which is a good idea.  I'd like to be able to see them coming if possible.. so that perhaps I can try to avoid.


So long as they are infrequent (like current sunny days), I don't mind there being a little challenge perhaps mini game added to them.

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I would also like to see storms, have more impact on the gameplay. As it is now, the only thing a storm means is I have much reduced visibility and it becomes harder to find anything on the overworld, short of creeping along the coast or being dead certain of your course across open waters to another place. Perhaps you could just have the option of sailing about in the storm as normal, but there could also be an option to enter an instance within the storm's area. In this instance you could fight for survival within the storm, and gain experience as a reward. The less damage you took, the more experience you gain. Perhaps there could even be a chance of, once the storm dies down, finding a dismasted ship to salvage!

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