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15 minutes ago, Quineloe said:

From the forum profile activity of the OP, who made the site, it's clear he is not playing anymore, ...


:( Bummer

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12 hours ago, outrigger said:

How do you move crafting supplies from the warehouse into the crafting window?

No need. The game sees everything you have in your warehouse.

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On 1/30/2016 at 1:55 PM, thewuif said:


I started creating a tool to help crafting ships, but i would need some help to get more information about ship blueprints.




The problem is, that I can only see the blueprints of the ships i can currently build and it would be nice if some people can send me crafting information of other ships if they can build them allready (navalactioncraft@gmail.com).
I tryed to add as any ships as i found and with all informations i could get. I also added some general information about crafting.

If someone has some further information, please let me know.


Also any suggestions are welcome :)

What about a new version of this? Due to new economy changes...

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10 minutes ago, furyGer said:

Looks like... but is still in work, or?


26 minutes ago, van Veen said:

Is this still maintained?

I double checked it with NA-Map. The numbers seem to be right (At least for a Fir/Fir Essex. Wich was waht i compared.


But then again, its still shows a PVP Global server and a PVP EU. There is only one server for PvP now. 

Edited by Meraun

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