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3 Free Redeemable Ships

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Niagra, Pickle, Rennomee  why am I able to redeem them for free? I've searched as much as I can, I have not found any information.


Edit - http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8482-repeat-important-message-about-headstart-ships/#entry159871


Please spread the news as people are asking this question over and over again.

To receive the extra ships that are given to testers for all the alpha suffering and bugs (in addition to the yacht) you have to create a character before the release date. 

Ships will be delivered on the 21st.


I think this is where it is from, just a bad date I guess.

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A big thank you from the developers for testing and reporting bugs to help their development in the alpha/beta stage and stress testing the server before the early release on 21-01-2016.


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