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Needing your opinion about saves

Needing your opinion about saves  

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  1. 1. How you want saves to work?

    • Allow only one active campaign save so that you cannot abuse save system to win a campaign (As it works now)
    • Allow only one active campaign as above but for both sides. For example, if you have an ongoing Union Campaign you can start a Confederate Campaign and continue both.
    • Allow multiple saves and give full freedom. I want to be able to correct my mistakes and switch back to an old save. (Like Total War save system for example).

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I voted for the total freedom option 3.  If people buy a game you should let them play it the way the want to and not what you think is best for them.  That approach is very customer unfriendly, as is keeping game options locked until the player complies with certain conditions.  

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yes, @reminder, same question i wanted make.

there's a txt file which is edited each time i play, maybe, as in american conquest, it's all in that, but i don't know.


about the pool, maybe i would prefer the author's first choise, but i'm plaing for so few time.

anyway, i restarted the campaign, but the window about the selection of the phase of the battle is disappeared, it remind me directly to the briefing window of that phase. is it normal?



edit : because campaign is short, 1 save file at time is valid, also because is a story in progress.

there's the custom battle section to play something different in the meanwhile.

if they exist different campaigns, and longer rather than these at gettysburg, my opinion is different.

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