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Nick Thomadis

Known issues (Updated 15/10/2014)

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Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Known inconsistencies and bugs

  • Melee mechanics: When units collide there is melee but the system we use for representing the action is not yet polished. You may notice, quite often, inconsistent visuals. (90% READY, MAY POLISH LATER)
  • Friendly fire Visualization: Units block each other partially or completely. When there is partial block of sight you should see only the unblocked part of unit to fire. Currently this is not happening and instead you see a random volley with reduced magnitude. (POSTPONED)
  • Rapid back and forth movement: Sometimes you may notice units to frequently move forwards and backwards especially when they have arrived as reinforcements. This occurs for a limited time period and does not affect much the gameplay. (95% READY Some issues may still exist)
  • Shooting outside the fire arc: There can be situations that units shoot enemies which are not included in their fire arc. This bug, as we know, appears in close proximity to the fire arc and so it does not produce much problem. (95% READY Some issues may still exist)
  • Possible instability and performance issues: We tried hard to offer a very stable Early Access version with no critical CTD errors, freezes and game malfunctions. However you may notice such kind of bugs or a low frame rate. We would like to know when this happens so to fix ASAP!  (99% READY Some issues may still exist)
  • Graphical issues: Borders of the map not ready, some graphical distortion may appear for units when covered by houses or trees, other minor things obvious or not. Some graphics cards may not be supported yet well and we need your feedback about this. (100% READY)
  • Alt+Tab, switching of application issue: In some systems when you switch application while playing in full screen, when you turn back to the game it may switch to window mode.  (99% READY Some issues may still exist)
  • Gameplay mechanics and AI polish: The main purpose of the Early Access is to help us understand your needs for the best gameplay experience. We consider this version not final and everything about balance and AI challenge can change and improve very frequently according to your opinions and ideas. (99% READY Some issues may still exist)

Known limitations

  • The battle campaign (100% ready): Not all phases and scenes are available (4th day missing) and some will have inconsistencies and bugs, like no reinforcement messages, missing texts or the next battle may not be the correct one.
  • Core Save Game system (100% ready): At present only one active campaign save is available but we will expand to offer multiple saves for allowing full freedom for players.
  • Dynamic Saves (100% ready): You can save any time during or after a battle but only the unit positions and their status will be saved. Dynamic actions are not yet considered, for example if a unit was charging, it will not be saved but will be saved its position at that moment.
  • Menu (85% ready, may polish later): Lots of features such as a map preview in the decision room and full battle reports are not ready. Art and text are also not final and more options will be available.
  • Sounds and Music (100% ready): Battle sound effects will get additional polish and enrichment. Music will be available in various menu windows. Some other sounds are not yet available for events, messages etc.
  • Controls (100% ready): Some other special controls may be implemented according to user feedback.
  • Group Formations (100% ready): Although your units are able to make lines automatically, we know that many players would appreciate the ability to have a simple group selection and formation system and we are currently working on it.
  • Custom Battles (100% ready): While playing the battle campaign you will unlock the battle phases (historical or speculative+ Tuned rotation controls (Work In Progress, there are map dragging and zoom conflicts)
    + Gameplay & AI improvements
    + Unit size reduced to improve performance
    + Added option to enable Alpha covering of Houses/Trees. Turning off Units Transparency via options can significantly improve performance. Please test the game with this on and off to compare.) in the custom battle list. Not all battles are available and not all randomization options are complete.
  • Generals (80% ready, may complete later): Each General represents the Corps Army staff. We need to implement the Division command chain inside this General group and make deaths and injuries mechanics for the officers. Visual appearance of Generals is also not final.
  • Order of battle and full army statistics (100% ready): You will have full info of the armies’ status; see the total casualties, current morale and condition for each army branch etc. A unit promotion system is also a scheduled feature.
  • Achievements system (80% ready, may enrich later): When custom battles unlock it will be part of Steam achievement logic together with many other events. Now this system is completely not functional.
  • Localization (10%, Only English language eventually available but we may localise later): Currently only the English language is supported. We will also support French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, languages.
  • Multiplayer (90% ready, it is constantly improved): The must have feature of the game is in progress. You will be able to fight each other in 1vs1 battle in campaign or single battle mode. We are thinking to expand with battles vs many players who will command Divisions.
  • Tutorial (100% ready): Currently only manuals and docs are available. We will offer many video explanations and according to user demand, some special tutorial missions.

Multiple other bugs and inconsistencies may exist that we know or not. Ultimate General: Gettysburg will surely evolve and get better with your mass feedback. Help us make the game as good as possible!

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