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Start brand new players with a Teleport instead of 4hr wait

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New players are starting the game.. getting lost and then they have a 3 hr+ wait for their teleport.  for some this may lead to logging out and coming back once their timer is up...


How about changing it so brand new accounts/players get their very first teleport without having to wait 4 hours.

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but where are they going to teleport to? They are new they have no outposts to teleport to, and they just left the capital where they spawn.


There's a high chance of brand new players getting lost at sea straight away. Allowing them to teleport freely back to capital will help them a lot.


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The problem is they wont understand that there is a wait period before they can use it again. They will use it when they aren't lost, get lost, and still have to wait, now frustrated that they wasted it. Some may even think that this game is not giving what it promised if you can just teleport like some kind of colonial nautical wizard (wish I had thought of that for my captain's name).

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