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Like in the title. I've backed this game from the time of sea trials and there was not so much plp in the game, thtas because it was not realesed and there was never a problem whit getting in on server. But now game is out on steam and there is so much more plp who wants to play, and thats gr8, but I have some gold on server 1 and I cant get log in to it because it full so I get in to server 2 and f&*^ yeah I on whit my exp, basic cutter and 0 gold!

I know that this is maybe because of the multi acconts thats can be used to exploit that feature, maybe.

I dont have a time to play the same gind on three difrent severs, I need monye to buy a ship on other servers!!!



CHeers, gr8 game. :)

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I second this; at least until they work out their server/ queue issues. Right now I don't know whether my friends will tolerate the long queue time for PvP One, or want to start the gold grind over in PvP Two. My solution has been to just NOT PLAY, and that does not speak well for the longevity of your game.

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