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Q: If I get early access to the game, will it update to the full version on release or do I have to pay for it?

Yes, the early access version gives full access to the full release of the game. If the full release has a higher price, you will not have to pay extra.


Q: Will UG:G be available on platforms other than Windows? 

Yes, it will be also available for Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.


Q: I have purchased the Windows PC version on Steam. Will I have to pay again for Mac Version?

No, you need to buy once and you will be able to play either in your Mac or PC with no extra cost.


Q: Is Windows XP supported?

Yes, however older hardware may cause performance issues. This is the main reason that Windows 7 is the minimum required system. If your hardware meets hardware requirements, then the game will run fine under Win XP.


Q: Does UG:G only depict the Battle of Gettysburg?

Ultimate General: Gettysburg covers the Battle of Gettysburg in a campaign, separated into days with multiple phases per day, offering total up to 80 different, speculative scenarios.




Q: Why do my units act without orders?

The player's units are supported by a self-awareness mechanism that makes basic decisions such as responding to threats, keeping in formation, un-merging, falling back, etc.


Q: How can I disable self-awareness so my units will not move against my plans?

You can order your units to hold position, using the Hold button. Your unit will hold position and formation until it receives new orders or withdraws due to low morale.


Q: When I order a unit to charge, it charges before I select its target. Why?

This may occur if you press the Charge button without having assigned a target to the unit. In that case, the unit will charge at the nearest threat. You have to assign a target (left click on the target) and then press the Charge button. Alternatively, you can double click on the target (see also the online guide).


Q: Can I select a group of units?

Yes, there are several ways to group units. More details are given here.


Q: How can I disable fire at will mode for my units?

You cannot disable fire at will. Units fire automatically when the enemy comes into range. However, units will hold fire if their Line of Sight is blocked or there are friendlies in front of them.


Q: Why do some artillery units not fire and stay idle, although they are loaded and have the enemy in range?

This is common behavior with units that do not have clear Line of Sight or are blocked by friendlies. To check the individual Line of Sight for a unit, select it and hold left click. You can also toggle individual Line of Sight permanently in the game's Options menu.


Q: Some of the movement arrows do not remain on the map. Is this a bug?

This happens when you select a target. The arrow will appear shortly. Movement arrows are visible until the movement ends.


Q: Sometimes, charging units stop and exchange fire with the enemy and then fall back. Why is that?

Units charging at targets out of their range will fire once to disrupt the enemy. They will then continue the charge. If they sustain a serious drop in morale, they will stop charging and fall back. This is indicated by a change in the unit flag’s appearance.


Q: What do the golden stars at the bottom of a commander portrait indicate?

The golden stars indicate the base quality of a unit. Normal units have one star, superior units have two and elite have three.


Q: How do I know about the arrival of the reinforcements?

When player reinforcements enter the battlefield, a message appears at the middle right edge of the screen. The arrival of AI reinforcements is announced when the unit first comes into the player's Line of Sight. If you click on the message, the camera will focus on the reinforcements.


Q: Why does my general not shoot?

The Generals are not fighting units, cannot kill or be killed and auto evade the enemies. They have special abilities like inspiration, grouping units, etc. See the online short guide for more details.


Q: How can I replenish my casualties between engagements?

Casualties are not replenished between engagements for historical accuracy and the intention is to add as much realism as possible in the game.


Q: How can I unlock the custom battles?

When the player advances to a new phase in his campaign, all the battles in previous phase automatically unlock.


Q: The battle I play is not the one I chose in decision room. Is this a bug?

No, it is actually one of the decision room features. When the player takes a decision, the AI also does so. For example, a Confederate player chooses to attack the Union left at Devil's Den, but he has to wait for that until the afternoon for General Longstreet to arrive with his 1st Corps. There is a possibility for the AI to attack the player's center in the meantime. In this case, the player is forced to fight this engagement and defend his center.


Q: I have many more units on the field, but the force bar indicates that I have less than my opponent. Why?

The force bar makes calculations based on the number of men and guns, and their current morale and condition. If an army has fewer men who are fresher and/or more artillery, the force bar will appear in their favor. Click on the force bar to see the current soldier and gun numbers on the battlefield.


Q: When my artillery units are in auto mode, they seem to use only long range solid shot.

Currently, artillery units in auto mode only display their maximum range in their firing arc. The firing arc will only change to the current ammunition’s range when you manually select a specific ammunition type.


Q: How do I make chat window to appear in Multiplayer

Press ENTER in your keyboard.

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Hi, just found out about this game via Steam! As a guy that's interested in Military History, esp. 'ACW' I am getting this game no question this week. Couple Questions,

as I have never owned a game such as this type.


1. I notices on watching some game videos that the movement speed(walking pace) while covering distances, seemed a bit fast (marching into battle formation/being redeployed) over said distance?

Will there be a way to slow them down a bit to mirror real speeds with large units(infantry) in the future for people like me to better micromanage? Wheeling (left/right) forming up/ battle lines, etc.?

I see in ur last answer that there was an adjustment to speed,  it was significantly reduced, so perhaps I was viewing older video(s) prior to said adjustment.


2. About zoom. I would appreciate a couple screen shots of fully zoomed out/in.


3. Is the audio adjustable as to increase Volume to mirror the realistic din of battle for immersion?

(At times when in a full fire fight(Antietam 'Bloody Lane') a person couldn't hear his own rifle/musket firing. (Some were found after battle with 3-4-7 balls rammed down the barrel)


4. Is there plans to expand into other major battles i.e. Shiloh/Antietam/Chancellorsville/Wilderness/Spotsylvania Court house?


Thx for you time, n hard work. for bring us this game, I will read more into forums/web.



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1. Yes, video are from older versions. The speed has been reduced.

2. In our biog articles you can find images in several zoom levels.

3. Sound is adjustable (default is in max setting). Personally I believe this sound system as one of the best met in a battle game. There is no music, only battle and ambient sounds that increase realism to maximum.

4. Yes, after the success of UG:G, more battles will be added aiming ultimately to a full ACW strategy game that will include a campaign system as well.


Also have in mind that game is still in Early Access and is constantly improved after the players feedback. I hope soon we'll have yours as well, to make UG:G even better! 

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Hi pcpete100! There is a good merit in your question. Just abort the battle using the menu button at the lower left corner. Your current game will be saved. When you will restart UG:G, select Continue in main menu. This is a temporary save function as the save system is not finalized yet.

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After some unsuccessful searching on the PC and online, I need to ask "Where are the Steam save files on a Windows 7 machine?" Would be nice to back them up and also know the actual save dates of each file to find the ones I want. 


P.S. Where can we get a list of all the hotkey and alternate commands to print out? 

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I'm sorry if this is obvious but I haven't been able to find the answer anywhere else. How do I chat in multiplayer? Is there a keyboard shortcut, and what is it?


Oh and since this is my first post, thanks for making the game, I've been enjoying it thoroughly.

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