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Any addition to in-character politics and organisational stuff would be a welcome addition in my view.


Something that just came to mind would be the option to offer Pardons to pirates. Or indeed for that matter to renege your colours (of any faction) and join another. Surely such things must have happened in real life. Not that this pirate would take up the offer but it might be of some nice addition for some folks.


Some ideas of how it could be implemented


Anyone can craft a Letters of Pardon - or - Highest tier players could create (for free) them (maybe 1 per week/month) and give them away.



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I think a pardon system should be implemented - It shouldn't be as easy as clicking a button after 24 hours of being a pirate. But maybe a week? Two weeks? A month?


After all you can't really do the bad thing more than once and you're immediately kicked out. Your XP is reset when you become a pirate (I'm told?), so why not do the same thing if you seek a pardon, as well as a fine in gold to be paid in percentage cut of your income until paid in full (Like... 50 thousand maybe? Earned, not paid at will)

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Yeah... nice try.


The nuclear approach is clearly not the way to go - You'd also nuke your possessions on all other servers, which is obviously not particular "lore friendly" or mechanically optimal.

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Pardons happened all the time in real life. I think there should at least be a system in place for the poor folks who make a mistake once. Sure, fine them, but let them come back to the straight and narrow if that is what they want. I would also be ok with making it harder / impossible for career pirates. Perhaps a sliding scale fine for number of ships attacked while a pirate, or time spent as a pirate. 

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I recently heard from a pirate that if he went to port before being attacked by a player for being a pirate, he would change back to his nation.


This allowed him to hunt down tons of traders and make profit by attacking clean traders on his own nation. Then running back to port and getting out of being a pirate. 


Is this true?

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