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Sort of like Americans armed with assault rifles for hunting varmints.



You can hunt varmints and you can hunt varmints in style :P


But this is the most conventional draft of af Chapman´s 1798 'series', there are designs for a frigate armed with 26*30-pounders, a brig with 14*18-pounders and a 110-gun ship with 30*42-pounders on the lower gun deck.


Although it seems that speed was the main aspect for Chapman with this ship, not firepower. 149 swedish feet length and 'just' 24 18-pounders are a bit out of character for him (for comparison, the Bellonas carried 26 24-pounders with 156 swedish feet)




this is another ship designed in 1798 I really, really like:



the smallest of the series, a 'snau-brigg' with 14 6-pounders (or 14 18-pounder carros).

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Possible colour scheme and more tiny pieces on deck:           Thanks for all the likes, by the way

Plan/Contemporay Paintings/Models:   Dimensions/History     WIP pics       note from Bungee: This thread is altered since Malachi has abandoned

Hmhm, the weather deck sat a bit too high, corrected that. And I never posted the actual plan for the ship, so here we go:  

Thanks :)


No proper figurehead, just a bust. Since this thing was designed to chase smugglers, I think Hekate, a greek goddess associated with witchcraft and believed to protect entrances/passages, might be a nice name. And she´d make for a quite interesting bust: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/67/Hecate_Chiaramonti_Inv1922.jpg

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Possible colour scheme and more tiny pieces on deck:




Thanks for all the likes, by the way :)

I don't know whether to say "Oh my" or "Holy shit!" Either way, that is one awesome model, Malachi.  :wub:

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I'm going to have to get both these ships if they make it in game just for the shere Beauty of these ships. Really like the paint jobs too even though I'd like to see a "Vasa" type paint job as well. I like the blue paint job on the Vasa. (don't know if the blue on is the actual Vasa paint job but if you google you'll see what I mean)

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On 6.3.2016 at 3:26 AM, Tomms123 said:

Well Malachi to be fair that is the colors they think is the original colors ^^

Well, they have painted the model according to the original pigments they found on the Vasa, so you can be pretty sure it was red indeed. If it looks better or worse is just a matter of personal preference and what is considered to be aesthetic changes over the centuries a lot.

And a blue paintjob would have been more expensive than gold when the Vasa was built, so it would have been out of the question anyway...

@Malachi: Where did you get those draughts from? Is there an online archive like the one from the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich?

And marvelous job, by the way!

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