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Update Patch 27 - Port Interface, New missions, Streamlined economy, Insurance, New currencies.: Alternatively use the sheet as explained here. ________________________________________

Nice stuff! Maybe you and I should set up a shared sheet for the speed values? Then we can fill in the holes and cover more ships... Think about it.

Jodgi,   I have been plotting some of these in polar coordinates in my spare time in the hope of creating a useful tool for players.  If you would like, I can complete the ships and update whenever

Site updated.

Constitution Classic > Constitution

Constitution > United States

Rättvisan added with generic profile.

Possible speedchanges but switches and additions requires I check manually and I'm lazy.

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13 hours ago, Suppenkelle said:

Any chance for a button to invert you choice of ships? Would save a lot of clicking. :)

Yes! But that's not a feature infogr.am has, I've asked them about it, twice.

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29 minutes ago, Suppenkelle said:

Can't be helped then. Thanks for your effort!

I used plot.ly before infogr.am and they had that feature, but plot.ly started to crap out as the ship list grew. :(

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