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The Grey Armada - Brethren of the Coast

Our history: 
In the 1796 A.D., crew of an british 88-gun line ship "Plymouth", which consisted partially of irish gunsmith, under leadership of an irish revolutioneer Irving Grey had risen a bloody revolt. 
Supported by revolutionary irish sailors over an squadron there started a sea battle, which lasted 11 hours. 

Rebels, rising black&green flags, took control over 4 ships, one of them, "Mercury" frigate was used as a brander against 2nd rank line ship "Predestination", which was sunk in a fire. 
Silver ingots, transferred by the British Fleet for financing a war against French Directory, had been captured by the rebels. 
Most men were lost in the upcoming storm, and due to heavy injuries. After a week of sail, rebel fleet entered docks of Tortuga. 
Captured british officers and sailors were set free. Rebel fleet, after negotiations, had joined Brethren of the Coast, swore to revenge British Navy on the land and water. 
The Grey Armada was hiring officers and captains from different nations: Irish, French, Dutch, American, who wished to join a war against monarchy. 

Under the grey sails, appearing out the fog, ships of Grey Armada had set a terror over British and Spanish fleet. 

The Grey Armada - a roleplaying PvP society had appeared in 2010 on the "Carribean" server in the game "Pirates of the Burning Sea" under a command of an irish artillery oficcer Arton Walshe, who was imprisoned later by the Spanish inquisition, tortured and killed. 
After server offline, the clan moved to "Antiqua" server,  but after a year of duty, the clan was dismissed for a better times. But dozens of british and spanish officers had remembered grey-colored "Dauntless" frigates, appearing from the fog... 

TGA was a PvP-oriented quite closed society, with a high level of discipline, oriented to group battles. 
Fleet training, tactics and active PvP were always a main goal for the clan.

And now, we're back again. The clan will be reorganized and set from the '0' point. But the source is still the same: 
codex, military discipline (on a pirate fleet, yeah!), and no fear under a black flag with crossed cannons and clover! 

Commodor  Irving Grey 



Currently hiring! 


Tag:  "TGA" 
Languages: EN/UA/RU  

Contact: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/user/16568-irving-grey/

RU/UA: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8399-the-grey-armada-%D1%81%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%8F-%D0%B0%D1%80%D0%BC%D0%B0%D0%B4%D0%B0/


Edited by Irving Grey
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Good luck with your clan sir, hope to see you soon! ;)

Thank you, my friend. 

btw,  The Grey Armada never fought with NL, otherwise, NL and FR are the only two nations we deal with. We're open for deals: trader convoys, fight support, 

for all except (arr!) british Navy and Spanish hidalgos. 

Edited by Irving Grey
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Good Luck to you good captian Irving, Thank you for the message.

KOTO host free teamspeak rooms for the pirate community and clans so if you need one we have the room to create a room for your members and it also helps pirates communicate clan to clan. Let me or Kuthara know if you are interested.


From Keeper Of The Oath - Salzi

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