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Artillery targeting orders


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I find the way artillery reacts to targeting orders annoying. I like the game a lot, it's the most entertaining line infantry game I've ever played, but artillery in the game often creates an impression that they simply don't care about my orders, and that's not the kind of feeling I want to get in this game.

What I would like to be changed:

1. When I select a friendly battery and try to target an enemy unit that the battery cannot fire at, the game should not give me an indication that the target is acquired. That's confusing and misleading. Don't highlight the unit, don't draw the arrow. Ideally, it should give me an indication that the target cannot be acquired, but that's optional.

2. When I double-click a target that the battery cannot fire at, I want the battery to move to the nearest location from which it can fire at the target and then fire at it for as long as it can without relocating further. By "nearest location" I mean nearest to the initial position of the battery, and not necessarily on the line between the battery and the target. It would also be nice, if the battery tried to avoid moving into enemy fire when doing such relocation.

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Artillery used to move according to your targeting orders but it could have bad outcomes as the artillery would move in a straight line towards the target and sometimes way out of your lines only to be destroyed. This is before artillery was able to limber. Now it would be even worse as artillery would limber if no where near is suitable and targeting would never be used as the risk of limbering would be too high.

For artillery to do as you request new code would have to be written which the developers stated will not happen anymore with this game. In the new game though I do agree that it needs to be more clear whether your targeting command is accepted or the artillery is somehow unable to shoot at the desired target.

Also commands like "focus artillery" or focus infantry" would be useful.

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