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Client data corrupted


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I went trough this forum looking for a solution to solve my problem - when I start the game i get into the screen when it sas:


Client data corrupted. Please verify integrity of game files.


I did what I found here in the topics about it:


Restarting computer, reinstaling the game, varifing the integrity, deleting game files manualy then start varifing the integrity.


It´s seem like there is no other way around it. Even googling my problem doesn´t show much.


Can you help please? 



PS: I am new to this game - just got my key for steam around xmas, but I wasn´t able to start the game yet:( 

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The client should start without steam, but Steam is required for logging in.


Did you try reinstalling steam as well? If not, then maybe your steam client itself is corrupted?




Thank you very much... reinstaling steam and dedicating a new folder to instal games helped. See you in the seas fellow sailors! 

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