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HMS Victory (1744)

Captain Black


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I would like to ask the devs to consider a one off ship to be added to the game as a tribute to a ship lost at sea more than 264 years ago, and discovered in 2008 by the Odyssey Explorer.





I would like to see her in game as a tribute to those lost at sea while serving on one of the greatest ships in the British navy. As a game based on the era of the Age of sail I think adding her would bring joy to many players.


Here are the plans I could find so far:




Her Stern:





Her Bow:





Please consider her for the game, as she will make a great addition to the fleet. I leave it also to the player base to make their decision also.











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The plans and stern picture of the model is not the Victory from 1737 (which sunk 1744) .. it's probably "our's" from 1765 earlier in her career.
The 1737 ship looks like this (note the 4 decks stern gallery):




She would make a nice addition however.. premium ship material :)

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